Music Artist learn how to start an inde music business online

When thinking about getting serious and wanting to embrace your potential fans with your talent Artists learn how to start an indie music business online. It’s not that difficult but it can get a Little daunting if you don’t know where to start, or maybe you’ve already started and just Want to be sure that your on the right track then read on as this maybe worth hundreds, thousands, Or even millions to you. I’ve put together a few steps to get you motivated on your journey but I can’t stress enough you having to do these things first. Follow each step carefully, and hard Work will pay off.

Music Artist learn how to Condition your Mind

The first thing that you want to consider before any other stratagies is conditioning your mind so that you can actually start wanting to live your reality. Please listen to this audio or read the transcript to get you at a starting point of your music business.

Want to live your dream it’s No Longer A Dream

If you want to live your dream it’s important to remember that it is not a dream, but a reality in the making. You were giving a gift a gift to entertain in the music business. Your whole problem is getting your reality up and running well lets deal with it the first thing you’re going to need is a vision.



Your vision would be looking into the future of where you’re trying to go and this is important because all you’re looking at is where you are and that’s fine use that to motivate you to get you were your trying to go. So let’s use a few steps to get your vision. 1. The first thing you want to do is figure out what you want from your business do you want a nice house want to live without knowing you have to go to some dead beat job, you want that nice car you’ve been dreaming of, or you are a born entertainer so you definitely want thousands of screaming fans just dying to see you, and of course all that money, a nice studio for you to lay down those flawless tracks ok you figured out what you want. 2. Now you need to figure out how you’re going to get all that to do this you need to pick what part of the music business to go after and stick with that market. What I mean is there are different genre of music and I know you are very versatile but you need to pick a genre to get the target or potential fans that you want you want your fans to say well hey I’m n the mood for some slow music and you come to mind cause that’s what you represent or trap or pop whatever genre you rep they come to you cause you are the only one that can satisfy that need. But to get to that point you need a goal.



Goals are how you’re going to go about getting were you need to go well like I said earlier you need to find your part of the market, the music you love to do if you were an RNB artist then specialize in RNB and take that market let’s start here. 1. You need a beat unless your acapella ok get a beat that goes with your market there’s a couple beat sites links below for trap and RNB with more genre to come so be patient for those that do others if you need a beat. 2. You got your beat now it’s time to find your fans well you can find them on Facebook, Twitter other social medias go to forums talk to people in your neighbor hood YouTube is huge why you’re not doing video do video in other words get your music in front of people letting them know what you do, who you are, that you exist. 3. You need a website for them to come hear your music and offer some free content of your music people love free stuff 4. You got fans great now its time to get money figure out how much you need to get your business to a point where you can feel financially secure I say do it by months ok I made this much 2000 ok now for this month I want to make 3 or 4000 and this is personal to you because once you sit down and figure out your goal your mind will want to help you reach it because you have a plan your just not out there blindly write your goals down follow them you will get further than you think.


(Don’t Procrastinate)

I was so guilty of this you don’t want to let a day go by telling people about what you do working hard on your business try to get it in your mind and heart that this is truly what you want to do don’t wait for tomorrow or the day after to do something in your business cause you want do it I promise and this could damage your business if you find something that can really help your business why would you not want to do what it takes to better your business I can go on about this but we got more things to talk about point blank don’t procrastinate.


(Don’t Be Scared to invest in your business (but don’t be a fool either))

Ok now this is serious you want to invest in your business because that’s what it is a business you can’t have all the things that were mentioned earlier if you don’t ok. 1. You need to find the time to do this as said earlier don’t procrastinate if you can wake up and punch the clock to your dead end job and invest you time to slave over what your employer want you to do then why not put just that much more effort into getting your business where it needs to be which is successful I mean hey your employer already took the time to invest in their business and they got it up and running why can’t you for your own business. 2. Im sorry but you need to invest some money and sometimes it’s not that much but you would have to take some of that hard earned money that you got from your job and instead of spending it on useless things like fast food not saying don’t eat and videogames well that comes later but take some of that and put it towards your future that is your music business like studio time you going to need money to either build a studio, or record your vocals somewhere right now until you can build your business up. You’re going to need to pay for protection to your copy written material in certain instance ill talk about that in another part on this site. You’re going to need money to help yourself in advertising again in certain instance. I think you get the picture.


(Learn All you can)

There is a gang of stuff out there to learn how to start and better your craft the fact that your listening to this audio or reading the transcript shows that your trying to better yourself so don’t stop here learn all you can and grow your business to heights you once thought was just a dream you can always come here and learn things as I am putting content together to make sure that your on the right track so stay coming back.


(Don’t listen to negativity surround yourself around like minded positive people. )

There are plenty of haters out there right that’s all they do is wake up to try to down others you know some I bet but just because someone tell you that your reality in the making is not going to happen should motivate you to prove them wrong not that it really matters what they think because if you let negative influences in your mind it could easily affect your thinking and stop you from achieving your goal and you will start doubting yourself and your talent and you never will find out how far you could have went to reaching your reality so don’t listen to negativity.


(Get success material motivation material)

Check out some of the people that have made their reality in the making a reality see what struggles they had to endure you might be going through the same struggles and how they concurred there problems it might help you also to endure look at how they live you going to wont the same things and as motivational material this website is going to be jammed packed with that this audio or transcript whichever you checking out is just that motivation, you want to stay motivated all the time wake up each morning with something positive especially about your business think about your fans that’s just waiting for you to bring them a feeling they never felt about music and you’re the one that gave them that feeling and they love you for that and they want to see and hear more of you. So in conclusion I want you to follow these steps on this site and stick with it, it will pay off in the end I promise you won’t regret this.


Start With TRAP Beats

Trap Music Artist learn how to start an inde music business online with trap beats.


Start With RNB Beats

RNB Music Artist learn how to start an inde music business online with rnb. beats